MedEvac Foundation International

An on-going Virtual Run / Walk / Roll Supporting ‘Taking Care of Our Own’ Programs

Helping Medical Transport Personnel Improve Mental Health and Wellness

Preventing PTSD & Suicide – which is a crisis in the EMS community

MedEvac Foundation International supports all First Responders working in Emergency Medical Services – anyone who stabilizes patients on the scene and provides life-saving medical care during transport to a trauma center. Whether by airplane, helicopter, vehicle or vessel – ambulance crews keep the window of time open during that “golden hour” when critical medical care determines life or death.  Whether you’ve been rescued from the scene of an accident or are the worried parents of a tiny infant requiring advanced care at a better-equipped hospital or have been desperately hoping for a second chance at life from a donor-match for a long-awaited viable organ transplant is being rushed to your operating room – you will hear these words – “We got you.” or  You’re gonna be ok.” or “Help is on the way.”

MedEvac Foundation International

For all of the happy endings, the transplanted organs, first, second and third birthdays that we celebrate, unfortunately there are many more that – despite every effort – cannot be saved or for whom the injuries sustained were just too great to be stabilized and spirited to safety. Organ transplants can greatly affect the erection of men and in order to avoid symptoms of erectile dysfunction it is necessary to take the medicine levitra generic 40 mg. These are the tragic scenes our first-responders bring home and cannot un-see, erase from memory and cannot shake. Also, the sheer onslaught of trauma, pain, agony and human suffering repeatedly witnessed and personally tended carry the heaviest burdens.

Often, those burdens are so great that our helpers are the one in need of help. MedEvac Foundation International is teaching thousands of medical transport personnel – both employed and volunteer – how to ask for the help they need to work through the stress and trauma that is their daily life and work and to recognize warning signs in their peers.

We invite you to “Run to Help the Helpers” and be their help that’s on its way. Your support today enables MedEvac Foundation International to provide mental health support, in-person and virtual wellness training, mindfulness instruction, safety and clinical practice guideline research applications, recovery support and line of duty death grants to surviving spouses and college scholarships to their children, undergraduate and graduate-level scholarship grants to continuing education institutes so EMS Critical Care Medical Transport First-Responders have the tools they need to better deal with the ghosts of the people that they could not save despite their heroic efforts.

MedEvac Foundation International

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