Who We Are

The Medevac Foundation International (MFI) serves the medical transport industry’s professionals and families through academic research, wellness training, continuing education scholarships, and practical support for families during times of tragedy.



Since our inception, the MedEvac Foundation has invested more than $1,000,000 in industry research resulting in better care for our patients and safer working conditions for our transport teams. Funding priorities include research in the areas of safety, program operations and clinical care – all for the benefit of our patients.

The Foundation welcomes all proposed research studies.


Health & Wellness

MFI is partnering with more than 20 critical care providers and professional associations to launch a national educational initiative called Taking Care of Our Own. This initiative is designed to help medical transport professionals recognize mental health challenges in their colleagues and themselves and provides them with guidance and resources to address these challenges.



MFI has awarded more than $200,000 in scholarships to current and future medical transport professionals, as well as family members of medical crew lost in the line of duty.  In particular, the MTLI Scholarship Program has helped more than 35 of our colleagues learn the fundamentals of leading critical care transport programs and teams since the program’s inception in 2009.

Learn more about our Partnership Programs!

Featuring 4 partnerships level options, our Strategic Partnership Program is designed to help companies of any size develop business relationships with the air and ground medical transport industry. A partnership investment saves time and money, and showcases our partners as true industry leaders.  MORE INFO