Personal Safety Stories

These safety stories are a real gift to our industry, and to many across many disciplines who really want to get serious about safety. Krista Haugen, co-founder of the Survivors Network describes the opportunity to hear stories about crisis averted or survived as a “get out of jail free card.”


Each participant has a different story to share with their peers to enhance our safety culture. Many of the stories do not involve an actual crash, but the everyday occurrences of becoming complacent, not speaking up for whatever reason, or not being prepared. Some involve doing the right thing such as the positive impact of safety training, using night vision goggles, and utilizing restraints.  Others show the impact felt by family members following an accident or incident.  The stories may be difficult to listen to, yet we owe it to ourselves and our team members to do so in the fight against complacency.


We can learn a great deal from those who have taken the time to carefully tell a story that is heartfelt and a milestone in their own career.

Tell Me a Story
by Krista Haugen
by Greg Schano
My Fears
by Tarek Loutfy
Very Dark
by David Kearns
Just a Chip Light
by Megan Hamilton
Just a Chip Light
by Stacy Fiscus