The MedEvac Foundation provides continuing education scholarships to helicopter air ambulance, fixed wing and critical care transport professionals.

The men and women who serve in this demanding and important emergency health care response community are dependent upon the latest in training, scientific practical research and innovation to provide accessible, safe and high quality medical transport care. MedEvac Foundation answers this need through educational grants, safety initiatives, training and scholarships. MFI has awarded more than $200,000 in scholarships to current and future medical transport professionals, as well as family members of those lost in the line of duty. In particular, the MTLI Scholarship Program has helped more than 35 of our colleagues learn the fundamentals of leading critical care transport programs and teams since the program’s inception in 2009.


Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI) Scholarships

These competitive MTLI scholarships are meant for emerging leaders in the critical care transport community and are judged on the applicant’s active involvement, industry achievement level, promoting a healthy work-life balance and commitment to the medical transport industry.


Undergraduate Program

Graduate School


“Attending the MTLI made me see that sometimes you don’t realize it, but your current position can keep you in your own little world. I was so inspired by the other groups and programs I saw and met at MTLI that I went back home and started getting really involved by volunteering in the industry.”

- Allen Wolfe, Senior Director, LifeLink III and current MTLI Regent, MTLI  Scholarship Winner “Class of 2010”

Safety Management Training Academy (SMTA)

The two-year competitive scholarship for the AAMS Safety Management Training Academy (SMTA) covers the cost of classes and educational materials, lodging, and most meals.

Children's Scholarship

Children who have lost a parent or had a parent seriously injured in an air medical or critical care ground transport accident are eligible for financial assistance through the MedEvac Foundation International’s Children’s Scholarship Fund.


The Foundation will award one scholarship of $5,000 to a deserving student entering or enrolled in college, university or vocational-technical school.