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Promoting Research & Education within the Specialty of Critical Care Transport


Emergency/Trauma/Transport Nursing Workforce Study (Executive Summary)
HumRRO – Will Taylor, Ph.D., Tim McGonigle, Ph.D., Pamela Baumer, M.A.  View Here


Accelerating Improvement with the Ground and Air Medical qUality in Transport (GAMUT) Database (2015), Michael Bigham, MD, FAAP. View Here


Flight and Ground Transport Nursing and Paramedic Core Curriculum (2011), Jill Johnson, RN. Available for purchase on Amazon.com. Purchase Here


A Concept Mapping Approach to Prioritize the National Research Agenda for CCT (2008), The Future of Research in Critical Care Transport is Identified, Cathy Jaynes, PhD, RN. Published in Air Medical Journal 2013. View Here


A Proposal to Initiate an Annual Research Academy as a Pre-conference Activity at the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) (2008), Research Academy Preconference, MarkAlain Dery, DO, MPH.


Aviation for the Medical Director (educational product/presentation) (2007), Aviation Education for Medical Directors Aides Appropriate Utilization of Air Medical Transport, Mike Jasumback, MD.