Survive, Thrive and Matter in 2020: The Responder Strong Tool


“2020 has been referred to as the year where each month one-upped the one before it. And it’s only July…This year has been one massive stress test. More than ever before, we are faced with novel challenges in our lives as responders and as humans. The good news: how we respond to those challenges determines how we are impacted. The better news: there’s a free tool to help responders and their families respond well, not only surviving but thriving. Tune in and check it out.” RESPONDERSTRONG is proud to announce the launch of its FREE responder wellness tool. Designed to support LEO, EMS, Fire, Dispatch and ER Staff – along with their families – in surviving and thriving no matter what life throws at us. TACTICAL TOOLS FOR LIFE BETWEEN SHIFTS Responding to others is the job. Responding to yourself is how you stay strong for it. Recover, recharge, and reboot at:


Moderator: Cameron Curtis, President/CEO, AAMS & MedEvac Foundation International

Introductions: Jared Hughes, Development Director, MedEvac Foundation International

Facilitated by: Rhonda Kelly, Director GMR Life (Health, Wellness and Resilience), Global Medical Response