Following the release of an earlier version of this report dated June 2013, Economic & Planning Systems (EPS) discovered that there were errors and inconsistencies in the underlying survey data used to report the economic benefits. After attention was brought to the fact that primary data collected and used from air medical transport (AMT) programs throughout the U.S. contained flaws in reported operational costs and volume (i.e. number of patient transports), EPS requested that the link to the existing study be removed from the MedEvac Foundation’s website until a revision could be prepared.  The link below is a revision of that study.

Updated Economic Analysis of the U.S. Rotary Wing Air Medical Transport Industry

Stay tuned for the Foundation’s 2nd Economic Impact Study, currently underway, focusing on hospitals and hospital-based medical transport programs!  This new study will examine the impacts that air medical transport and critical care ground transport programs have on the hospitals they serve.