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The Dollars and Cents of Planned Giving


We know you give to the MedEvac Foundation International “Foundation” because you believe in our mission. Receiving tax benefits is often a secondary consideration. Did you know that by combining a current gift with a future gift to maximize your tax savings—both today and tomorrow—you can make an even bigger impact?

This approach provides the opportunity to marry your current support of our mission with a future gift that creates a lasting legacy at the MedEvac Foundation International.

The tax benefits you receive depend on the assets you use to make a current gift. These include:

  1. Cash. When you make a gift of cash, you receive an income tax deduction. Cash gifts provide us with the financial means to respond to our most pressing needs.
  2. Stocks and bonds. By donating appreciated securities to the MedEvac Foundation International that you have held longer than one year, you completely eliminate the capital gains tax. Plus, you receive a federal income tax charitable deduction.
  3. Real estate. If you give real estate or land, you receive an income tax charitable deduction, eliminate long-term capital gains tax and reduce possible future estate taxes. You also avoid the hassle of selling or maintaining the property.
  4. Art or other personal property. These gifts provide you with an immediate income tax deduction, plus capital gains tax savings.

You also have many options for the future part of your gift, including:

  1. A gift in your will or living trust. Called a bequest, this is an easy and popular gift. You can give a specific amount or leave a percentage of your estate. We will use this gift to further our mission as well as respect any directed desires of your gift.
  2. Retirement plan assets. These assets are subject to income taxes when left to heirs. As a nonprofit organization, we are tax-exempt and are eligible to receive the full amount of the gift.
  3. Life insurance. You can name the MedEvac Foundation International as the beneficiary of all or a portion of a life insurance policy.

Many planned gifts take effect after your lifetime and are revocable, so you retain full control of your assets during your lifetime. If your family’s circumstances change in the future, you have the flexibility to amend your plan.

Sandy and I have dedicated our professional lives to promotion of MedEvac services. Being former flight crew members and working in industry leadership, we understand the importance of MedEvac service. We have also had 5 close friends, including our son, who have benefited from MedEvac transport.  We have chosen to include the MedEvac Foundation International as our principal target for planned giving in our estate planning.  We both believe that by leaving a lasting legacy to the Foundation, we will ensure that these valuable life saving services will remain sustainable in the future. 

We urge others who have devoted their lives promoting these services to join us by making the MedEvac Foundation International part of your estate planning. Its easy to do, and the staff at the MedEvac Foundation can help.
       – Kevin C. Hutton, MD, FACEP, CHC

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For more information please contact the MedEvac Foundation International at 703-836-8732 to discover your options.