The 2022 MTLI Scholarship application process will open in the Fall of 2021.

The MedEvac Foundation International awards an annual scholarship to the Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI), made possible through a generous donation from Metro Aviation, Inc., covering the cost of classes, lodging, and most meals.

The MTLI Scholarship is awarded to an emerging leader in the critical care transport field who actively contributes to the medical transport community and who demonstrates a commitment to improving critical care transport services.

Graduates of MTLI develop leadership and management skills specific to medical transport through formal education programs emphasizing both management theory and its direct practical application.

Congratulations to Jamie Eastman and Benjamin Summer on being awarded the 2020 MTLI Scholarships!


“By attending MTLI, I will learn about the financial, legal, and operational safety elements that go into leading a CCT organization” said Jamie Eastman, the 2020 scholarship recipient. “MTLI will prepare me to integrate the clinical practices learned from our peers across the country and internationally and translate them into action here at Duke.”



“The knowledge gained at MTLI will be used not only to better my practice as a Regional Clinical Manager, but also to inspire others to strive for excellence and never settle for just good enough,” stated Summer the 2020 scholarship recipient. “I see tremendous benefits in the knowledge learned and shared at the institute.”


Meet our previous MTLI Scholarship recipients…


2019 – Lisa Pruitt, Children’s Mercy Kansas City and Cory D. Oaks, Haiti Air Ambulance Service Inc.


Attending MTLI would allow me to gain a broader understanding of the dynamic and unique profession/industry,” said Ms. Pruitt, a 2019 scholarship recipient. “foresee that given this experience and education, combined with my current background, I will develop into a more well-rounded professional.



“Having the opportunity to attend MTLI will not only allow me the opportunity to learn from the experts and current leaders of the air medical industry, but also let me interact with my peers,” said Cory Oaks, the second 2019 scholarship recipient. I look forward to the knowledge and experience which will be available to me and the opportunity to return and put it into practice and share it through education and example within my program.

2018 – Chad E. McIntyre, TraumaOne Flight Services Program Manager and Erik Bratton, Hospital Wing Director of Safety

McIntyre, Chad

“The credibility bestowed on the MTLI program demonstrates a commitment by participants to embark on a path of professional development for not just an individual program but the entire industry,” said Chad, the 2018 scholarship recipient. “MTLI will not only benefit my program, but will provide me the knowledge and skills to promote a better air medical industry for future flight nurses, paramedics, pilots, mechanics, administrators, and most of all patients.”


Bratton, Erik


“MTLI will help refine those skills that are critical to being a leader, thus aiding our organization in developing and fostering a great safety culture, adding real value to our organization,” said Mr. Erik Bratton, the 2018 recipient of the second scholarship. “I hope to bring back the lessons learned at MTLI and share those with other employees, which will aid in our pursuit of excellence as our program continues to grow.”


2017 – Maika Dang, MD, University of Cincinnati Air Care and Mobile Care Flight Physician  and Jennifer Humphries, Enloe FlightCare Chief Flight Nurse

Mr. Dang receives the scholarship based on his passion for pre-hospital medicine and critical care transport. He is currently an active Flight Physician and a Resident Assistant Medical Director at the University of Cincinnati Air Care and Mobile Care.

“MTLI provides a matchless opportunity to have interaction andDangMaikacollaboration with other leading critical care transport service leaders,” Maika said. “MTLI will provide the opportunity to greater appreciate the changing dynamics of critical care transport, acquire specific skills and knowledge, as well as foster a professional network to bring back to my program.”


Ms. Humphries, Chief Flight Nurse for Enloe FlightCare receives the scholarship for her devotion to the critical care transport industry.

“Attending MTLI will not only help me with the strategic planning Jenny Humphriesand management of our program but also staff development, mentoring, and relationship development that I may not otherwise be prepared to provide,” Jennifer said. “I think MTLI will help provide me with vital networking opportunities as well as the opportunity to learn essential content and skills that our stand alone program’s survival may very well depend on in the coming years.”


2016 – Molly Bondurant
Molly Bondurant, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Chief Flight Nurse, received the 2016 MTLI Scholarship for her dedication to the critical care community and commitment to continued education. With over 15 years of experience in the emergency medical industry, Molly is responsible for oversight of the clinical care provided by DHART, ensuring that appropriate standards are met or exceeded. She is active in many of the industry’s professional associations, such as American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Society of Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Nurses Association, Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association.

“I’m incredibly proud of the work and service that DHART provides. D-H, DHART and Metro Aviation have a strong commitment to safety and quality that’s reflective in our daily operations. With that being said, there is always room for improvement and I am dedicated to that goal. As a newer leader within the program and industry, I seek out every opportunity to continue to advance our safety record and quality of care provided. It is my hope that through attending MTLI, I may obtain invaluable skills and knowledge that I (we) so desperately need, to continue in these goals and support the overall culture of my program. I will undoubtedly use and share all of the training and applied knowledge with my interdisciplinary team.”


2015 – Andrew Latimer, MD
University of Cincinnati Air Care and Mobile Care Flight Physician, Dr. Andrew Latimer, was awarded the 2015 MTLI Scholarship because of his dedication to the critical care community and continuing education. He has 10 years of experience in the emergency medical industry, including positions in fire service and EMS in Washington State and as a ground critical care transport EMT. He is currently an active Flight Physician and a Senior Resident at the University of Cincinnati, Department of Emergency Medicine. He is active in many of the industry’s professional associations, such as NAEMSP, ACEP, AMPA, and others.

Latimer-Headshot“My motivations to attend MTLI are twofold. I hope to gain leadership and management skills related to critical care transport medicine that are largely ignored in the standard emergency medicine curriculum as well as foster a larger professional network to bring back to Air Care and Mobile Care as I take a larger leadership role within the program as a senior resident and mentor.”


2014 – Tracy Meyer
Air Link Chief Flight Nurse, Tracy Meyer has been awarded the 2014 MTLI Scholarship based on her dedication to the critical care transport with 16 years of experience in the air medical community as both an active flight nurse, and in management as the Chief Flight nurse. She is active in AAMS and the Nebraska Association of Air Medical Services (NEAAMS).

“MTracy_Meyer_weby medical transport system would be improved by gaining the knowledge I need to perform effectively as a chief flight nurse by obtaining a better understanding of managing people, being an effective leader, contract negotiations, budgeting, fiscal responsibility, and strategic planning. I’m excited to attend not only for my own personal goals, but for the growth of my program.”


2013 – Dr. John Pakiela
Dr. John Pakiela is currently an Associate Medical Director at MedFlight of Ohio and the EMS Director at Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio. He has 13 years of experience in the air medical community, as both a flight physician and a medical director. He previously served on the AMPA Board for two terms and was a member of the Ohio EMS Board for seven years.


“My two years at MTLI not only taught me advanced leadership skills, but also allowed me to meet and interact with other professionals across the medical transport spectrum.  This networking opportunity was priceless and is an experience that I will carry with me throughout the remainder of my career.  I would like to once again thank the MedEvac Foundation International and Metro Aviation for making this scholarship possible.” 


2012 – Dr. Ryan Gerecht
Dr. Gerecht is a second-year resident at the University of Cincinnati, and a flight physician for UC Health University Hospital Air Care & Mobile Care. Gerecht began his career in medicine as an EMT on a ground ambulance. He is a relatively new member of the air medical transport community; however Gerecht has a desire to make HEMS his life-long career.

Ryan_Gerecht“My motivation to apply for the MTLI Scholarship is based purely in the desire to bring compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence directly to the leadership and clinical care of my flight program. Furthermore I believe it is possible to indirectly bring these same values to flight programs and patients around the world through mentorship of, networking with, and role modeling for fellow transport professionals and emergency physicians.”


2011 – Chris Hall, BS, FP-C, NREMT-P, Coordinator for Clinical Education, PHI Air Medical California
In addition to his job duties providing both internal and external education, Chris is actively involved in both local and regional government affairs and industry relations. While Chris believes safety is the highest priority in air medical transport, he also feels public education and outreach to the general public as well as our elected representatives is incredibly important.


“I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend MTLI. This was an exceptional and exciting opportunity to network with Air Medical professionals from all fields, and to learn from industry leaders who believe in contributing to educational growth and professional success.”


2010 – Allen Wolfe, RN, MSN, CFRN, CCRN, CMTE, Regional Medical Services Director, Air Methods Corporation
Allen was awarded a 2-year scholarship to Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI) in 2010. As a role model for critical care transport nursing Wolfe has been instrumental in training nurses, and medics for extended scope-of-practice. He is an active participant in the community and a respected international lecturer.

Allen_Wolfe“This course has taken me out of my comfort zone and introduced me to concepts and information I will use in development of my staff in my current position and as well as corporate committees.”





2009 – Michael Frakes, CMTE, APRN, CCNS, CFRN, CCRN, EMTP, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Boston MedFlight
Michael was selected for the award based on his extensive experience in the critical care transport community, dedication to multiple professional organizations and research-literature contributions. In 2010 Frakes returned to MTLI to finish the program and was awarded the designation CMTE.

Michael_FrakesThe information from MTLI has already improved my performance at MedFlight, especially in thinking strategically about operations and finances. I have also taken great advantage of the network of talented people who came together for the meeting.”