The MedEvac Foundation International has awarded W. Ashley Smith, President / Director of Operations at Jet Logistics, Inc. the first Dr. Suzanne Wedel Scholarship to attend the 2017 Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI) Graduate School.

Mr. Smith receives the scholarship based on his dedication to safety and quality measures not only at Jet Logistics, Inc., but also in the wider medical transport industry. Because of his myriad of experiences, he has gone to great strides to increase his knowledge of the medical aspects of the industry.

“Every industry faces change, on an annual basis if not daily, and the air medical transportation business is no different,” says Smith. “Graduate school helps to keep attendees up to date on the latest events, trends, and changes in the industry.”

MTLI enhances the leaders of critical care transport operations through a formalized continuing education program. Once participants receive their Certified Medical Transport Executive (CMTE) designation, training continues with annual graduate workshops to enhance the education foundation previously established.

The Dr. Suzanne Wedel Scholarship is awarded to an emerging leader in the critical care transport field who actively contributes to the leadership of the medical transport community and/or demonstrates a commitment to improving patient care through research in the critical care transport industry.

“[Dr. Wedel’s] dedication to safety and quality was inspirational,” stated Ashley. “In the same spirit that Suzanne demonstrated daily, Jet Logistics and myself constantly strive to self improve, and give our medical providers, patients, and their family members the safest, and highest quality transportation possible.”

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company is the sole benefactor of the Dr. Suzanne Wedel Scholarship. “Dr. Wedel was a true leader and pioneer in the air medical transport community for nearly 30 years,” said Jeanette Eaton, Sikorsky regional executive for U.S. and Canada. “Our company’s founder, Igor Sikorsky, dedicated his career to ensuring the helicopter would become a life-saving machine, and so it has proven to be. This STEM scholarship will honor the legacy of Dr. Wedel and further support air medical transportation missions by educating future aviators of the world.”

“The Foundation is excited to award the first Dr. Suzanne Wedel Scholarship, generously established by Sikorsky last year, to Mr. Smith ” said MedEvac Foundation President and CEO, Rick Sherlock. “Mr. Smith is a valuable member of our industry and is a true testament to the qualities that Dr. Wedel displayed throughout her prestigious career.”