The MedEvac Foundation International has awarded Jacob Bratcher, Flight Nurse at LIFE FORCE Air Medical the Marasco Family MTLI Undergraduate Scholarship to attend the 2020 Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI).

Mr. Bratcher receives the scholarship based on his dedication to improving the air medical and critical care transport industry. Jacob states “As a member of the critical care transport community, it is my obligation and privilege to deliver the highest quality of care to the patients I encounter, but also to be a resource for EMS providers in the community whether that is providing educational outreach to local EMS services and hospitals, or collaborating with EMS and physicians.”

MTLI enhances the leaders of critical care transport operations through a formalized continuing education program. The scholarship award is based on the applicant’s active involvement, industry achievement level, promoting a healthy work-life balance and commitment to the medical transport industry.

The Marasco Family believes it is important to be committed to your profession, but it is also important to be committed to your family and your community.

“Maintaining a healthy work life balance is important for our physical, mental, and emotional well being as a healthcare leader” said Mr. Bratcher. “As an emerging leader in the air medical transport industry, I believe it’s crucial to establish routines in work schedules and maintain consistency when completing tasks to be able to be home and maintain healthy relationships with family.”

Edward Marasco and his wife Joyce Marasco are the sole benefactor of the Marasco Family MTLI Undergraduate Scholarship. “We could not be more pleased that Jacob was selected for the Marasco Family MTLI Scholarship. His strong desire to learn and grow is a testament to his role as an emerging leader in our community. Our family is delighted to help make this possible.”

“The Foundation is thrilled to award the first Marasco Family MTLI Undergraduate Scholarship to Mr. Bratcher ” said MedEvac Foundation President and CEO, Cameron Curtis. “Mr. Bratcher’s desire to develop his leadership skills and learn from healthcare leaders regarding obstacles, advice and encouragement is a true testament to understanding and accomplishing a healthy work-life balance.”