The MedEvac Foundation International has joined with Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association (ASTNA) and the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics (IAFCCP) to combine our commitment towards our Taking Care of Our Own initiative.

Summary of 2019 Taking Care of Our Own Tours
With your help, The MedEvac Foundation International, Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association and the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics brought a message of hope this year to more than 500 people across the United States. Thank you for your support which made it possible to train hundreds of industry professionals how to be resilient in the face of the trauma emergency responders encounter. As a result of this year’s Taking Care of Our Own initiative, we learned more about the scope and far-reaching effects of trauma-induced mental health injuries among our nation’s EMS professionals, and have committed to continuing this important work through expanded education and advocacy. Your support made a transformative difference in the lives of hundreds of first responders, and will continue to pay dividends as our work continues. Thank You for your generous giving that made this all possible.

Taking Care of Our Own featured events in eight cities sponsored by eight air and ground medical services companies. Sessions featured presentations on resilience, mindfulness, and recovering from PTSD by Sharon Purdom, past president of Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association, and Phil Ward, Vice President of the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics.

“This program really touched me and all that I have been through. It is nice to know that I am not alone.”

During this year’s Taking Care of Our Own program, the MedEvac Foundation hosted the “First Responder Appreciation Day 5K and Festival” in Tucson. The event brought together air medical, critical care ground, police, and fire personnel. The event honored Margaret Langston, an air medical paramedic who lost her life on duty in early 2019. Participants raised more than $25,000 for First Responders.

Where Do We Go from Here?
• 85% of first responders suffer psychological effects from exposure to trauma.
• 34% of first responders have received a formal mental health diagnosis related to their work.
• 10% display signs of PTSD.
• First responders, along with veterans, are more than 10 times more likely to attempt suicide than the average citizen.

Throughout 2020, MedEvac Foundation International will build on our work in Taking Care of Our Own and build a national coalition with several partners to address mental health concerns among first responders. Our goal is to develop a suite of resources and educational offerings so none suffer alone. We will stay in touch as your investment pays ongoing dividends in changed lives.

Event Schedule:

2019 Date City and State Host Program  
June 14  Agenda here Columbus, OH Ohio Association of Critical Care Transport  Flyer  
July 11   Agenda here Sacramento, CA REACH Air Medical Services    Flyer
August 2  Agenda here Lexington, KY Kentucky Board of EMS    Flyer  
August 9  Agenda here Denver, CO Flight for Life      Flyer  
August 20  Agenda here Portland, OR LifeFlight Network              Flyer
September 9  Agenda here Fort Worth, TX Cook Children’s Teddy Bear Transport Flyer  
October 9   Agenda here St. Louis, MO Wings of Hope / Air Evac Lifeteam  Flyer  
October 12 Agenda Here Charlotte, NC North Carolina Air Medical Association Flyer  
September 29 Event  Tucson, AZ Margaret Langston Memorial Event Flyer  

Invitees include: regional air medical providers, critical care ground providers and first responders.

Achieving or exceeding our event fund-raising goal of $200,000 will provide significant dollars to support planned research pertaining to safety and patient care. Current projects under review include the following:

  • A Study of Risk Assessment Practices
  • Pediatric Patient Safety Transport Improvement Study
  • Expanding Scholarship and Grant opportunities to IAFCCP and ASTNA members

 Thanks to our 2019 Taking Care of Our Own Sponsors! 

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