Submissions for the 2020 Marasco Family MTLI Scholarship are CLOSED!

If you would like to work on your form before submitting, download the offline worksheet.

The Marasco Family believes it is important to be committed to your profession, but it is also important to be committed to your family and your community.  The Marasco Family is thrilled to be able to fund a scholarship recognizing emerging leaders in this industry. As aspiring leaders emerge, they are encouraging these individuals by promoting a healthy work-life balance.

This competitive 2-year MTLI Undergraduate scholarship is meant for an emerging leader in the critical care transport community and is judged on the applicant’s active involvement, industry achievement level, promoting a healthy work-life balance and commitment to the medical transport industry.

The MTLI enhances leadership and management of medical transportation through formal education programs emphasizing management theory and its direct practical application.
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