Brian Dawes (left) and Dr. Kevin Hutton

Brian Dawes, a retired, 30 year veteran, from the City of Avalon Harbor Patrol Office and a LA County Fire Life Guard EMT-D, had called in a helicopter for patients many times, not knowing that a MedEvac transport would some day save his life.

When I arrived at the hospital at 7PM, I was “crashing” and required rapid assessment, fluids, antibiotics, supplemental steroids, morphine, and MedEvac was put on standby pending a CT scan of the abdomen.  The scan showed “free air” in my abdomen, a sign of peritonitis. Mercy Air arrived 20 minutes later. I knew death was knocking at my door. The flight crew was fantastic to me and to my mother who accompanied me to Long Beach Memorial Hospital.  On arrival I was rushed into surgery and was kept in a medically induced coma for nearly a week.

MedEvac Foundation Donors are invited to hear Brian’s full story at our 2015 Donor Reception on Monday, October 19 at 1800h in the Beacon Ballroom Rotunda at the Long Beach Convention Center.

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