In the tradition of the Holiday Season of Giving, please consider supporting our industry’s Foundation with a tax-deductible donation! The sole purpose of our industry is to save lives. Our Foundation supports this mission through research, family grants, outreach and educational opportunities for the Air Medical and Critical Care Ground Transport industry.


Your donations have enabled the Foundation to:

  • Provide more than $1,000,000 in support for critical care transport research funding that improves the clinical quality, safety, and effectiveness of Air and Ground Critical Care Transport programs.
  • Provide $40,000+ to fund Professional Education through the annual Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI)  and the Safety Management Training Academy (SMTA) Scholarship.
  • Provide $7,500 in college scholarships for children who lost a parent in an air medical transport accident.
  • Provide over $75,000 in grants to families following a fatal or serious accident.

You can help us continue our mission with your tax deductible donation through a secure automatic monthly donation on your credit card or a one-time gift by credit card or check. Please make your end-of-year donation online.

Your generosity and caring have built the Foundation. As we look forward to a new and exciting 2016, your generous charitable donations will help us continue to expand our services in the New Year. Thank you for your support, and we wish you and yours a very Happy Holidays!




David Thomson, MD, FACEP, CMTE, Chairman of the Board




Richard J. Sherlock, President and CEO