MedEvac Foundation International Awards MTLI Scholarship to Maika Clement Dang, MD and Jennifer Humphries


The MedEvac Foundation International has named University of Cincinnati Air Care and Mobile Care Flight Physician Maika Clement Dang, MD, and Enloe FlightCare Chief Flight Nurse Jennifer Humphries, as the recipients of the 2017 Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI) Scholarship.

Mr. Dang receives the scholarship based on his passion for pre-hospital medicine and critical care transport. He is currently an active Flight Physician and a Resident Assistant Medical Director at the University of Cincinnati Air Care and Mobile Care.

“MTLI provides a matchless opportunity to have interaction andDangMaika collaboration with other leading critical care transport service leaders,” Maika said. “MTLI will provide the opportunity to greater appreciate the changing dynamics of critical care transport, acquire specific skills and knowledge, as well as foster a professional network to bring back to my program.”


Ms. Humphries, Chief Flight Nurse for Enloe FlightCare receives the scholarship for her devotion to the critical care transport industry.

“Attending MTLI will not only help me with the strategic planning Jenny Humphriesand management of our program but also staff development, mentoring, and relationship development that I may not otherwise be prepared to provide,” Jennifer said. “I think MTLI will help provide me with vital networking opportunities as well as the opportunity to learn essential content and skills that our stand alone program’s survival may very well depend on in the coming years.”

MTLI enhances leadership and management of medical transportation through formal education programs that emphasize the direct practical application of management theory. The scholarship is awarded to individuals who excel in the air medical and critical care transport industry and strive toward the betterment of the industry.

Metro Aviation is the sole benefactor of the MTLI Scholarship “Metro Aviation believes in continually educating our industry’s leading professionals,” said Metro Aviation President Mike Stanberry. “We are constantly evolving and innovating, and we believe that the MTLI Scholarship instills a similar innovative spirit in the air medical community. We are honored to give back to the community that gives so much to all of us.”

“The Foundation received a number of scholarship requests from very highly-qualified applicants this year, and we are excited to have selected two scholarship recipients for the first time,” said MedEvac Foundation President and CEO, Rick Sherlock. “Mr. Dang and Ms. Humphries are both valuable members of our industry, they will continue to be leaders in their respective programs, and everyone will gain from the knowledge and the tools they receive from MTLI”.

The two-year MTLI Scholarship, established in 2009, is awarded annually and is open to applicants with healthcare or aviation backgrounds. Applications for the 2018 MTLI Scholarship will open in the fall.